Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I love to see and hate to see while running

You know how nothing is ever all good? It seems like no matter how good something is, there are bad things about it too. Cheesecake for instance. What could be bad about cheesecake? It's all good, right? Well, no. Eating too much cheesecake will make you fat. Probably clog your arteries and other nasty stuff too.

I've thought a lot about the things that I really like to see while running and have also thought about the things I really do not like to see. Oddly enough, some things make both lists.

Things I love to see:
  1.  Baby ducks. Seriously, how cute are they? All soft and cuddly and when they cross in front of me in a straight line I can't help but say "awwwww."
  2. The sunrise or sunset. There is nothing like running in the morning and watching the sunrise. It is just awesome. The sunset is the same.
  3. Vehicles. Sometimes people will yell good job as they drive by or honk or something and it encourages me. Also, when I'm out on a country road it gives me hope that if something were to happen someone would eventually help me.
  4. Snakes. Who knew I could run that fast?! And when I've been running forever and am zoning out it helps me remember I'm still alive.

Things I hate to see:
  • Baby ducks. I know, I sound mean. But baby ducks poop and I have to run through it. Plus, when the grass is high and a duck is in the grass you can't see it. The grass is moving and you hear rustling, but you have no idea what it is. Scary.
  • The sunrise or sunset. Sunrise is great and pretty and I love it. But in the summer it means the heat is coming. It means the sun will be shining down on you making you even more hot than you already are (is that possible?). Sunset means it is getting dark and if you don't get your butt home soon you will be running in the dark and possibly being hit by a car or stepping on something you really don't want to be stepping on.
  • Vehicles. If it's dark vehicles are scary. First, they might hit you. Second, an ax murderer might be driving. Acutally, they are scary during the day for those reasons also. Then there is the whole "just how stupid do I look while running" thing. It's plenty stupid, so I'm sure I give passing motorists a lot to giggle at. It's also awkward when they stop and ask if you're ok. One time I was so tired during a run I almost told some random guy "no, I'm not ok. PLEASE give me a ride!" Instead I always just say yes, though they can probably tell by looking at me that I'm really not ok.
  • Snakes. The granddaddy of them all. I hate snakes. Actually, that is a massive understatement. The boys and Rick aren't even allowed to say the word. They have to spell it. Ryan's friend suggested we change the name and call them waffles. I kind of like that idea. I'm not going to go into all of the reasons I hate to see snakes on a run because it is glaringly obvious. I don't want to talk down to you guys. Suffice it to say the whole town knows when I've seen one.
There are other things, but I have to save them. I may need something else to blog about some day. As you will note, I didn't mention dogs. I think you've all heard enough about that.

On Wednesday I will be heading to Connecticut for a week, so I will be running in a strange place. I'm nervous about it, but kind of excited too. I get very bored running the same routes over and over. Especially while it is hot and I have to run before dawn. I run back and forth on the three roads in town that are runnable. Since I live in a very small town I run back and forth a lot. It gets boring. Unless someone steps out of their house with no clothes on when I run by. You know who you are. Then it's kind of exciting!

If I don't die in a fiery plane crash I will update you all on my vacation runs sometime next week!



  1. LOL I am lucky that there seem to be no dogs or snakes on my regular route. On my biking route I almost ran smack into a Blue Heron when I came over a hill and it was in the middle of the paved trail. I think it's a federal offense to kill one so I'm glad I didn't run into it but I thought it might attack me, it seemed very angry!!

  2. I suppose that's some advantages of living in the UK: We don't really get to see the sun that often, its obscured by clouds a lot of the time, Secondly, I've never seen a snake out running (thank god) or baby ducks...