Friday, October 21, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow.... less than a day away!

Tomorrow I'm running the Neewollah 10k. Last year when I started running, my goal race was the Neewollah 5k, which I ran. It had a horrible run. By far my worst race. I'm hoping history doesn't repeat itself tomorrow. I need a good race!

Instead of the 5k, I'm doing the 10k this year. Why? Who the heck knows. I just like a challenge, and running that cemetary road twice is certainly a challenge. It is such a mental block for me. Anyone who has run the road I'm talking about knows exactly what I mean.

I've talked someone from out of town into coming to run with me. Mostly because I'm afraid I will get lost on the course. I've run on this course a ton, but  the course markings are almost non-existant. And I"ve never run the exact course. I normally just run wherever I want in whatever random order or direction I want to. I'm such a rebel. 

Ryan will be running the 5k again and hopes to win a medal. Adam is running the 1 mile fun run and I'm probably running with him. He asked if he could run ahead of me because he's faster. Ryan mentioned training early in the week and when I told him he could go with me he said, "no thanks. I want to run fast." Well. I'm just not sure what to think. I guess I'm raising honest children.

I will let you all know how the races go and I'm sure I will post plenty of pics!


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  1. What do you mean you talked someone from out of town to run the 10k with you? I hear you ran with just someoldman. ;-)

    Someoldman? What the heck does he know?

    Nice running with you. You know, it will be your turn to come up north and run with me next.