Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm back!!

Maybe. I rested until I couldn't stand it anymore and went for a run Sunday. I did 3.5 miles and my hip hurt pretty bad. Enter sadness, crappy day, etc. I made an appointment with an orthopedist for December 1. Any normal person would have stopped running until the appointment, but I'm not normal. Plus, I want it to hurt for the appointment, right? Right.

Last night I ran 5 miles. I thought maybe running the gravel trail on the dike might be nicer to my hip, so I did it. I don't know if that is what made the difference, but my hip barely hurt! I did about 3/4 of a mile on the road at the end and it hurt a little worse then, but that could have been because it was the end of the run. And when I say hurt, I really just mean I could feel my hip. It wasn't really painful like it had been.

I'm not canceling my appointment. I imagine the pain isn't gone, but I'm happy to have run 5 miles and not been in significant pain.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I'm getting up bright and early to run 6 miles. I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with lots of food, family, and maybe a little running!


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