Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Was I Thinking??!!

I did something crazy today. Really crazy. I signed up for the Flatrock 50K. That is 50 kilometeres. 31 miles. A really really really long run. I'm not sure what got into my head. Eric, the RD, must somehow put crack into his emails. It transmits through the computer or something. I got an email from him saying if I signed up by July 15 some of the money would go to a charity and if I finish I get a belt buckle. Who cares if I have a belt buckle? I MIGHT DIE! Hey Eric, if I drop dead at the finish line will you give the buckle to my husband? Thanks.

I am not prepared for a race like this. No way, no how. Can I be by the end of September? Maybe. It is quite likely that I will come in last place. I'm ok with that. I just want to finish. I think people say that a lot and they don't really mean it. I've said it before without meaning it. I mean it this time though. It will be a huge victory to just finish this race.

For those unfamiliar with this race, here is the website. Be sure to look at the pictures! It's stupid hard. I'm not sure why they call it Flatrock as none of the rocks are flat. You may remember that I did the 25K there last year and was very happy to have done it. If you don't remember, here is my post about it. While it is extremely challenging, it is also rewarding.

I have 3 months and 2 days to go from running a maximum of 12 miles to 31. Easy peasy, right? I can do this! Maybe. Or not. I guess we'll see!

Over the next three months be sure to ask how my training is going. If I'm not running enough maybe it will shame me into it.

Happy Running!!



  1. You have quite the challenge ahead of you. As for the last place thing--that's MY spot. You have the advantage of knowing the trailz there. I'd advise you to work on hills, running the day After your long run to get used to moving when the body says stop. And practice your walking. Walking a quick pace will get you to the finish line. Focus in the buckle. See you there.

  2. Woman you are both crazy and an inspiration! I'm sure if anyone can it is you. I also doubt you'll be last.