Saturday, April 20, 2013

Still Alive

So.......I haven't blogged for a really long time. Really long. The last time I posted was about the 50k that I didn't finish. Lots has been going on since then, but not a lot of running.

On Feb. 28 I had a hysterectomy. Not sure what else to say about this, except my head was pretty messed up about it for a few weeks before, which had an effect on my running, and I definitely couldn't run after. I didn't particularly want to talk about it, so I just didn't post at all.

I've been back to running a little over a week. It's going pretty well. It's obviosly not as easy as it was before the surgery and I'm definitely not running as far, but I'm running, so I'll take it. The only race on my horizon right now is the FlatRock 50K in Septemember. I really wanted to have a great race there this year and not just finish it like I did last year. Maybe cut some time off. This long break may have ruined that for me though. Adding in some time I may need to take off this summer (more about that in a minute) and it looks like maybe another "just finish it" type of race. What will be will be I guess. I will bust my butt when I can and hope for the best. Is it too much to hope that we have a really mild summer? No super hot? Yeah, I thought it probably was.

In other huge news, for those of you that don't know, my husband got a new job and we are moving. I'm happy he got a new job and happy to move, but I suspect it will put a damper on my running at some point. I will just do what I can. I know last summer my training was horrible and I still finished. Maybe this year I won't skip a bunch of long runs in favor of sleeping in my air conditioned house :) If I still run as much as I can and only take off when I have to, I'm probably still doing better than I did last year.

I will try to post here more often. It helps keep me accountable! Tomorrow I'm running on the trail with someone and couldn't be more excited. It's always fun to run with others.

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