Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Long time, no post!

Wow! It's been nearly two months since I posted on here. I've sort of had some crazy stuff going on in my life and haven't had a lot of time to post. I moved! I now live in Eureka, KS. It has been so much fun to find new routes. I haven't been chased by any dogs! I run past buffalo sometimes. Gravel roads and hills have become my constant companions. I actually run in the dark, by myself out in the middle of the country and I'm not scared! See? Things have changed.

I've been running a lot, though of course not as much as I should. I can't seem to let go of my lazy, slacking ways. I have some big exciting races coming up. Saturday I'm running the Hawk Marathon in Lawrence. I'm especially excited about this because it means getting to spend some time with my awesome friend Libby. She's letting me stay at her house the night before the race, which is very sweet and will save me some money. On September 28 I will be taking on Flatrock again. Only 9 more finishes before I'm in the Hall of Pain! Why does that even appeal to me? I think it's a sickness. On October 12 I will be pacing at Heartland. The biggest race I have coming up is the Prairie Spirit Fall Classic 50 miler. Yes, you read that right! 50 miles. Besides my running friends, everyone else I know thinks I have lost my mind. Maybe I have. I don't know. I'm really excited about it.

My training plan is so crazy I mostly refuse to even look at it. If I do I open it really quickly to see what the next few runs are and then close it before I get a good look at the entire thing. If I were to actually follow the whole thing, and let's be honest, I won't, I might actually finish the 50 mile still able to walk. However, I won't, so I will probably be in so much pain someone will have to carry me to my car after I finish. And speaking of that, I really need to find someone to go to the race with me to drive me home.

Anyway, that's all I've got. I will update again after my marathon on Saturday!

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