Monday, March 12, 2012

Easing Back In

As you know from my last post, I was taking an extended break from running. I ended up taking a month off. This made my hip pain go away completely. Before I took the time off, I couldn't do anything without pain. Running, walking, elliptical, bike, etc. Honestly, even sitting for long periods of time and sleeping were painful. I was losing sleep because my hips  and lower back hurt so bad. I originally planned to take a week off, then was in the accident and had surgery. I decided to take another week. Then I decided to run again March 1. Well, March 8 would be a month, so I figured I should go ahead and wait.

A few days before I was supposed to run again I got all panicky. I was afraid I shouldn't run, afraid the pain would be back, etc. Basically, I was just scared. My awesome support people on the C25K forum encouraged me to go ahead and try it. My plan is to ease back really slowly, so I ran a mile. Wow! I didn't know I would lose so much of my fitness in a month. For most of the mile I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up. But I did it and had no pain! That was Thursday. Saturday I ran again, another mile and it was also pain free. Yay!! Today I will run another mile. If I'm still good, I will go up to 1.5 miles on Wednesday. My plan is to run 3 days per week and increase each week by half a mile.

At some point I had to give up any hope I had of doing races this spring. I'm really disappointed because there were a few I really wanted to do. I just can't. Maybe by May I can find a 5K or something. We'll see.

In non-running news, I got a new car!! It is the current love of my life. Well, besides my husband who let me get exactly the car I wanted. He's the best.

This time of year is extremely crazy for us. The boys are starting soccer soon and Ryan is still playing basketball on a traveling team. Rick is coaching softball, finishing his Masters and also helping his physics class build a Moon Buggy. They will be going to Alabama to race it in April. He leaves for Chicago this week for the senior trip. Life is just a little crazy right now! I'm ready for May to get here and school to be out.

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