Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bring it on!

I can't believe it. It is a few short days until my first 100 miler. How did this happen? I started training for this in May. It seemed so very far away. All summer when I was suffering through the heat it seemed it would never get here. Now it's time. Of course I'm nervous and freaked out, but I'm also really excited. I've trained for this race harder than I've ever trained before. Obviously I ran more miles, but I was more committed and more consistent. If nothing else, I'm proud of that.

I have a big, awesome crew going with me. I want to tell you guys all about them so I'm using this post to do it. Otherwise my race report will be too long. Lets be honest. It will be too long anyway. This will make it shorter.

Rick-My amazing husband. He will be crewing and pacing and supporting and whatever else I need. I think he's very much looking forward to bossing me around! I'm so happy he has started running and so happy he'll be part of this experience.

Ryan-Super Duper Pacer Extraordinaire. Also, my oldest son. He's such a great pacer and really knows what to do to keep me moving. I still get tears in my eyes when I think about my 50 last year and how great he was. So happy he's going!

Libby-Gosh, what do I call her? She's so much to me! Best friend, wailing wall, supporter of my craziness, and so much more. She is going to be crew and pace. She'll be my first pacer and with any luck we'll still be friends when it's over. I will apologize now for anything mean I say Libby!

Deanna-My training partner, awesome friend and the person that can make me laugh like no one else. She's actually going to run the 10K (Go Deanna!) and then crew for me. She'll jump in to pace if I need her. Her son Jacob will be going too and is a really fun kid (guy? he likely doesn't want to be called a kid), so I'm glad he'll be there.

Jason-Oh dear. How to come up with compliments? Ha. Just kidding! Jason will be taking me to the finish line. He'll pace the whole last loop, which is 31.9 miles. It's perfect, because he won't take any of my crap or listen to any of my excuses. I can also say anything to him I want and we'll still be friends when it's over. Well, I hope. He's just the right amount of mean to get me to finish. He won't let me quit unless a bone is sticking out. Hell, he might not even let me quit then.

I've been shopping, and making lists, and obsessing over everything. My dining room table has turned into Race Prep Central. It's covered, mostly in food. Adam keeps eyeballing the snacks, so I'm thinking I may have to hide them or I'll get to the race without half of it. Speaking of Adam, he's not going to go with us. We talked about it and he'd rather spend the weekend with his Meemaw. It would be fun to have his cute, smiley little face there, but I can understand him not wanting to go. I do plan to face time with him a couple of times if I have good enough cell reception.


Result of shopping:

In my defense, a lot of that is for my crew!

The watch I'm using for the race syncs with my phone via bluetooth and lets me get texts and fb messages, so anyone that has my number, feel free to text me! I likely won't reply, but I'd love to get messages. If you don't have my number and are dying to text me, send me a fb message and I'll give you my number.

My next post will be a race report!

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