Monday, October 6, 2014

The Last of the Long Runs

Ahhhh, it's finally here. The taper! I have worked my butt off the last few months, and now I get to ease off a little until it's time for my race. I'll run during the next couple of weeks, but not a lot. It's time to rest and let my body heal a bit before I torture it for 100 miles.

I had two long runs on my schedule for the weekend. 30 miles Saturday and 20 Sunday. Saturday Deanna and I went to Iola to run on the Prairie Spirit Trail. Well, she biked, I ran. I wasn't far into it when I knew 30 wasn't a good idea. I was still sore from last weekend and I have a couple of issues that are present, but not bad enough to be a true injury. Yet. I didn't want to push it. My plan was to run 5 and reevaluate. It was an out and back, so I'd get at least 10. If I still felt good at 5, I'd reevaluate at 8, then 10, then 12. At mile 5 I was good and at mile 8 I was as well. The wheels fell off around mile 9 though. My hip started cramping and my foot was making itself known. At this point, the only thing I can do is hurt myself or overtrain. This one weekend wasn't going to determine how my race goes, unless I get hurt. I turned around at 10 and ran/walked back. I wanted to walk all the way back, but I didn't. I ran a decent amount. This was not my best long run of the training cycle, but it was fine and I got it done.

Sunday the original plan was 20, but Jason asked if Rick and I would want to go to Elk City Lake and run the trail with him and Krystal. I'm always happy to have some trail time, so I said yes and talked Rick into coming too. The trail is 15 miles, but I figure if I'm doing what I like to call "Flatrock Math" it was at least 20.  I was unsure of how my legs would feel after 20 the day before. I was also a little nervous about running with Krystal for the first time when I was tired and grumpy from a long run the day before. I did my best to not be a total jerk when I was feeling bad. The first few miles Jason and I traded off leading because there were so many spider webs. One of us would run in front until we couldn't take it anymore, and the other one would jump in and lead. Eventually I just let him lead. Rick and Krystal are both really quiet, but since Jason and I definitely are not, there was plenty of conversation.

I felt remarkably good in the beginning considering my miles on Saturday. I'd say we were about 5 miles in when I started feeling it and said I was pretty much done with the whole running thing. Thankfully the rest of the group was ok with a long hike. We did still run a little, but not a lot. I had a headache when I went to bed Saturday night, and still had it Sunday morning. By mile 10 it was pretty bad. When we left Oak Ridge I wasn't feeling great, but was still attempting to be cheerful. By mile 12 I was done with that crap. I felt horrible. My legs were still good and my energy was ok, but every step hurt my head and I was starting to just feel gross all over. At this point Rick had a couple of decent blisters and his knee hurt. I don't know that anyone had a lot of fun the last couple of miles. I was really happy to finally see the parking lot!

Picture of Rick and I a couple of miles in

This weekend was challenging, but fun. It's nice to have the big miles out of the way!

11 days, 18 hours and 47 minutes!!

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