Sunday, April 3, 2011

All about Me!!

I thought I would start this blog by telling you about me. My name is Melissa (aka Mel). I live in rural Kansas. I'm married to a wonderful man named Rick and have two little boys named Ryan and Adam. They keep me super busy, but when I'm not  busy with them I run. I'm currently training for a half marathon and am trying to fit in runs with being a wife and mother.

I started this crazy running journey in June 2010. My friend and neighbor was out walking with me and suggested maybe we could start the Couch to 5K program. I thought, "heck, I can run. I've been working out for 6 months already and have lost weight. No big deal." I was wrong. Painfully, sadly, wrong. As it turns out, running is hard. Especially in the middle of summer in Kansas. Somehow we plugged away and finished C25K. At some point in the program I decided I liked running, so I decided to keep doing it after the program. While still doing C25K I looked into other programs that would help me run further. I didn't want to do intervals anymore, so I found One Hour Runner. Two weeks into it I hated it. I scrapped that plan and decided to get over my dislike of intervals, so I started Bridge to 10K. During that program is when I found my true love for running. I've since finished B210K and moved on to training for a half marathon.

I find that I always want to talk about running but no one really loves listening! Enter blog. Now I can post all of my random running thoughts for random strangers to read! I hope some people can enjoy "running" with me!



  1. Oh my!! I live in rural Kansas too (aka middle of nowhere) I finished c25k about 3 weeks ago on dirt roads. I always thought it was flat as a pancake out here . . . nope, there are hills. Look forward to reading your blog. Getting ready to attempt B210K.

  2. Gina, good for you! I loved Bridge to 10k. And you run on dirt roads? You get an A+ for dedication.