Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things I've learned while running

Sometimes, I learn deep, profound lessons while running. Sometimes I learn random things that I really wish I didn't know. Today was an example of the latter. It seems that spring is prime season for roadkill. No, this isn't what I learned. What I did learn is that buzzards (vultures, whatever you want to call them) eat and poop in the same place. As I was running past a carcass of unknown origins (seriously, this thing was picked CLEAN) I realized I was also running through lots and lots of bird poop. Gross. Evidentally these nasty creatures must make room for the roadkill somehow and they aren't afraid to do it where they eat.

Some other things I've learned:
  1. People will throw anything out of their car. ANYTHING! The worst? A hypodermic needle. I don't even want to know what they used it for.
  2. Some things never break down, whatever the weather. I've been running past the same diaper since October.
  3. It takes about a mile and a half of driving to drink a can of beer. Why do I know this? About a mile and a half from the bar there are always beer cans by the road.
  4. If someone smokes in their house you can smell it when running past. I don't know why, but I can. I can tell you who smokes along my running route because if it is early in the morning or late at night when I run I can smell it.
Someday I might share some of the more serious things I've learned since I started running. Right now though, I guess I just needed to share with someone the nastiness that I encounter on a daily basis.



  1. Diaper littering is definitely the worst. There is a "Rash" of diaper littering where I live. Every where I look I see them. These nuggets of joy can be found at everywhere diapers are sold. Apparently there are desperate mothers, in dirty diaper filled station wagons, driving at break neck speed towards the nearest store; Just to squeal to a stop throw some diapers out of the car, in order to rush into Walmart so they can buy more diapers.
    On a more serious note I'm glad to see you have a new hobby but be safe wear reflective clothing and don't jog near the bars late at night.
    Good luck and Godspeed,
    Mark T. Pierce

  2. Okay I am going back and reading all your past blogs. This past summer I rode bikes with my kids several miles every day. It was very hot and dry and really ideal for riding. Then it rained one day. I think every thing that died or was discarded got rehydrated and the smells came back. Especially the diapers.