Friday, April 29, 2011

Smashing Records

Do you know what is really cool about being a new runner? You get to beat your old records pretty often. This week I beat my 5 mile record twice! Tuesday I ran it in ??:?? (seriously, you didn't really think I would tell you did you?), which was about 40 seconds faster than my previous fastest time. Wednesday I ran it 1 minute 20 seconds faster! That means two days in a row I set a new record. I also ran 5 miles on Thursday and my time was in between the Tuesday and Wednesday times. As that is 3 days in a row of running I'm pretty happy with that. Actually, I'm thrilled! After two weeks of horrible runs I'm feeling a lot better.e

Saturday(tomorrow) I am running the Therapetics K-9K Race for Independence. As this is my first time running this distance I get to set a new record! Woohoo! This will  also be the first race I've done that Rick won't be at. I'm sad about that, but I've been thinking lately that I use him as a crutch too often. I rarely have to run against the wind because he's willing to drive me somewhere to run back home, or come pick me up at the end. I've never had to figure out how to hydrate myself on a long run because he always brings me a drink. I'm not saying I'm going to quit taking advantage allowing him to help me. I'm not. But I'm going to try to quit whining when he can't. Notice I said TRY. I won't quit whining entirely. It's not in my nature. Have you ever heard the phrase "The squeaky wheel gets the grease?" Those are words I live by.

Random funny story:
Saturday I couldn't run in the morning because it was raining. I decided to go in the afternoon instead. Stupid. It was hot. And sunny. Also, I was wearing shorts, which caused an issue that is the subject of a future blog post. Needless to say, I didn't finish my run. I ran by a little creek and decided it looked mighty refreshing. I ran another half mile or so and came back to it. I was waiting for Rick to come pick me up, so I thought I would walk down and put my feet in the creek. Unfortunately, I wasn't where he would be looking for me and you couldn't see me from the road, so every time a car came by I had to jump up out of the ditch in case it was him. I think I frightened a couple of people. I kept hurting myself on the sharp rocks when I jumped in and out of the creek. I'm so glad no one was there to see this. I was done soaking my feet and Rick wasn't there, so I went back up and sat on the bridge. I was wearing a bright purple shirt and sitting practically on the road and he still almost drove past. I jumped up and he finally saw me.

Ok, now that I read that story it isn't so funny. Perhaps if you could have seen me getting in and out of the creek you would be laughing.

I will be back with a report on tomorrow's run. Oh, and my son Ryan is running the 1 mile fun run tomorrow, so I will be reporting on his race too. After the run I am going to a friends house to shower (thank goodness, I will be gross) and then meeting some other friends at the Tulsa Zoo. It should be an awesome day.


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