Friday, April 22, 2011


Wind is something I both curse and am grateful for at different times. Sometimes I curse it an am grateful at the same time. Today was one of those days. When I ran, the wind was 20+ mph. As I run out in the country, there is often nothing to block the wind. It was strong enough today to kind of knock me off the road a couple of times. Miserable! However, it was also 65 degrees with 94% humidity. Since I can't remember when I shaved last, I wore pants. I'm not sure why I cared. Perhaps I don't want my dog friends to see my hairy legs. Anyway, the weather. Hot, humid, windy, pants. I was so darn thankful for that wind. I was sweating my butt off (oh, how I wish you could actually sweat it off). Had the wind not been blowing I would have been even more miserable. Hmm, perhaps my butt would have been smaller though? Something to think about.

I have learned to work around the wind. Last week the wind was out of the north, so I ran south. If the wind is out of the south, I run north. Thankfully I have that fantastic husband who will come get me. The most important lesson I have learned from running is the need to adapt. Weather, illness, my level of busy, so many things can interfere with my running if I let it. I know that I have to figure out a way to keep running no matter what.

My half marathon is less than 1 month away! It seemed so far away when I started training in November. I'm starting to wonder what's next.

I have been sick this week, so my running has taken a little hit. I think illness is my body begging me to slow the heck down.

I met a new dog today. It was big. At least as big as my car. Also, it had teeth. Huge ones. I think they even grew 6 inches during our encounter. Ok, I might exaggerate slightly, but he was less than pleasant. Again assuming is was a he. Who knows for sure? I know I quickly changed my running route so I wouldn't have to pass him again.

And this has nothing to do with running but I have a date with my husband tonight! Prom last week didn't count as it was a work thing for him and good wife thing for me. I have no idea what we are doing. Any ideas? Please keep in mind I live in the middle of nowhere.

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